Monday, 21 October 2013

Going Loco for ROCOCO

Swirls, Curls and Pearls adorn my first design for LEWIS & WOOD

Rococo Wallpaper – heraldic
Rococo Wallpaper – heraldic

Rococo is an exciting new collaboration with innovative fabric and wallpaper producers Lewis & Wood

Rococo selvedge
Rococo selvedge

When Stephen Lewis and creative director Magdalen Jebb came down to visit my Hastings studio back in winter 2012 their enthusiasm was contagious. 

Melissa White studio
my studio on a sunny day

My studio is always chockablock with painted panels and fabrics, experiments and samples but with their designer goggles on Stephen and Magdalen were instantly focusing in on pieces they liked and within an hour had pin pointed several designs they wanted to develop with me.

I then transformed my paintings into repeats, painted the final artwork and handed it over to be translated into printable fabrics and wallpapers. 

The first of these designs, Rococo, launched in September 2013 during FOCUS (I posted about it here).

Detail of my original artwork for Rococo
Detail of my original artwork for Rococo, 
painted in a burnt orange colourway

This damask-y design fuses ornate, scrolling, shell-like motifs reminiscent of the rococo period with floral Indian motifs, all painted as if wood-block printed.

Rococo comes as a wide width wallpaper in 4 metallic finishes....

Rococo Metallic Wallpaper – Gilt & Platinum
Rococo Metallic Wallpaper – Gilt & Platinum
and 3 matte colourways....

Rococo Matte Wallpaper – Oasis
Rococo Matte Wallpaper – Oasis

As a fabric, Rococo comes printed on a fine, tumbled linen in 3 vintage colourways....

Rococo Linen – Fritillary
Rococo Linen – Fritillary

...and finally as a sumptuous velvet in cranberry and slate blue with an irresistible "teddy bear" finish.

Rococo Velvet - Imperial
Rococo Velvet - Imperial

There are more designs to come next Spring when Lewis & Wood join forces with me and another two amazing artists in a truly adventurous new collection. Stay tuned!

Pricing, dimensions, composition etc are available on the Lewis & Wood website


therelishedroost said...

I am going to feature your site on my blog, I love it and had blogged about Fairlyte Elizabethan a year ago! This sister company is fabulous, wish you had a work room stateside!
I love this new line of fabric is gorgeous,
The Relished Roost

Unknown said...

Beautiful!! Thank you for showing us your exquisite work