Friday, 8 February 2013

Upholstered in Arden velvet

Sofa in Arden velvet

HAPPY 2013!

...bit of a slow blogging start to the year but I've been hibernating at my chilly studio through January, working on secret designs for the autumn.

Just to prove I'm still here I thought I'd share these photos sent by the lovely ladies at Östermalms Textilateljé a fabulous interiors showroom in Stockholm.

Sofa in Arden velvet detail 1

Sofa in Arden velvet detail 2

This is the eponymous Arden design from our Arden Collection which we launched with great success in 2012 with Zoffany (and pretty much all I blogged about last year too!)

The Stockholm team have upholstered this retro sofa for their showroom using the Venetian Red colourway of this luxurious velvet.


We adapted this enchanting forest scene from a mid 15th century wall painting that was discovered in a house in Halifax in 1901. The house fell into ruin shortly afterwards and the painting was lost forever. The scene depicts a forest floor richly studded with clusters of small flowers, possibly wood anemones. In amongst the trees are rabbits, hedgehogs, horned sheep, squirrels, wild fowl, moles, deer and a handsome unicorn. The creatures were probably modeled on those found in popular medieval bestiaries. This style of wall painting, known as imitation tapestry, was fashionable all over Britain.

The Arden design is available printed on luxurious velvet and on linen.

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It's nice to see a large sofa upholstered in Arden. The one we featured on the cover of the Arden brochure was a stylish 2 seater called Snooze by Ochre.

Arden brochure cover
Arden brochure front cover
Snooze sofa by Ochre

Curiously the red background colour on the Swedish sofa and the brochure sofa looks very different but the Swedish sofa is much closer to the actual fabric - it is more burnt orange than deep red - weird that!

Thanks to the enthusiastic Stockholm team at Östermalms Textilateljé for keeping me updated.

You can read more about my visit to Stockholm in this post: ARDEN ON TOUR - Stockholm


Gexton said...

awesome! It's true haven't seen you put much painting up here in a while, but really sweet!
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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for making this design- absolutely fell in love with it when I was searching the web for velvet fabric for my two diningroom chairs (we got them for our wedding so they are special to me). I ordered a meter and now that it has arrived I am very reluctant to cut it up! Both of my girls (2 and 3 years) love all the animals, but the 'pony' (unicorn) and the 'reindeer' are especially popular!

Melissa White Interiors said...

I'm very pleased you chose Arden for your chairs. It's good to hear that your children like the design too as the original C16th wall painting that inspired Arden, had a snake, a three-headed monster and a scary wild boar in it. We decided to replace them with the unicorn and the stag to make it more magical. It sounds like we made the right decision ;-)