Monday, 15 October 2012

Painted Cushions for Chelsea

NEW Painted Cushions for Solid ID shop in Chelsea

Melissa White painted sack cushions
painted cushions at Solid ID

Having blogged incessantly about my Zoffany Arden Collection for most of the year, it's time, methinks to share some of the other stuff I've been up to at the Fairlyte Studio.

First off I've been supplying my wares to:

273 Fulham Road, London SW10 9PZ, 020 7351 3045

Melissa White painted bench cushions
painted cushions (detail)

Newly opened in Spring this lifestyle shop in chic Chelsea is the new venture from the people behind bespoke flooring company Solid Floor

Solid ID offers "an idiosyncratic array of furniture, lighting, tableware and accessories, with a focus on handmade, one-off pieces."

Solid ID shop interiors
Solid ID interior

In this post I'll quickly show you around the shop then maybe next time I'll take you behind the scenes at my studio.

Melissa White painted cushions at Solid ID
bench cushions and cushion stack

The shop sells all sorts of bits and bobs including the painted and distressed benches above. I've supplied cushions for these painted with various patterns on rustic linens. Also pictured above are my cushion stacks painted with coordinating designs in lime green and indigo on linen, wool and silk. 

Melissa White painted cushions at Solid ID
painted cushion pads
Above are my painted boxy cushion pads that come in matching sets of three and below are various large cushions made with re-cycled grain sacks. Each sack is different and the texture of the weave dictates the kind of design I can paint on it. They're great fun as I can get big and bold with the more gnarly ones!

Melissa White painted sack cushions at Solid ID
grain sack cushions
 Amongst some top notch products Solid ID stocks wallpaper by fellow Hastings gal Deborah Bowness (below right) and the jars are painted to shop owner Eelke's whim by Hastings' Nick Kadomtzeff at Signwork:

Solid ID interior
Sign written jars and wallpaper by Deborah Bowness 
You may have spotted Solid ID at this years Design Junction which was THE place to be and be seen during September's London Design Week:

Solid ID stand at Design Junction 2012
Design Junction 2012: Solid ID stand (photo by Solid ID)

Keep an eye on Solid ID. These guys have big visions, a dynamic and fun approach to design and they are an exciting team to work with.

Prices from £65 for a 12" painted silk cushion.


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LeeAnn at Mrs Black's said...

So beautiful! I really love your work, the designs are timeless. I think the Elizabethan designs go as well with mid century rooms as they do in ancient settings. Your creations have such an organic feel about them. x

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