Friday, 31 August 2012

Vote for Verdure! Elle Decor British Design Awards

We've been nominated!

The nominated VERDURE wallpaper is one of the designs from our Arden Collection created with Zoffany. For full details about the awards check out this month's Elle Decoration (out now) or see the Elle Decor website 

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Verdure wallpaper in tapestry green
The design comes digitally printed in two colourways on 140 cms wide, non-woven wallpaper (above). It is also available digitally printed on 100% linen (below in lead blue colourway)

Verdure upholstered chair 

About the Verdure Design

Verdure (from an old French word for greenery) is a design based on a late 17th century English painted cloth. At the peak of their popularity these “stayned” linen cloths were nailed floor to ceiling around entire rooms. Shakespeare mentions painted cloths in several plays and Henry VIII lists them in his inventories proving that they were not "poor men's tapestries". 

Very few survive due to their fragile nature. The subject matter included religious themes, hunting scenes or pictorial subjects such as our lush pastoral landscape with a church and waterfall (better seen in this close up of the wallpaper).

Verdure with Verner Panton chair
The best surviving example of a verdure painted cloth can be found in its original setting at the magnificent  Owlpen Manor  in the Cotswolds. 

painted cloths at Owlpen Manor 

The wonderful Owlpen cloths tell the story of Joseph and his technicolour coat. A few years ago David and I were commissioned to reproduce them for a re-display project at Blakesley Hall museum in Birmingham:

our Blakesley Hall painted cloths
David and me installing the cloths
These Verdure designs are definitely my favourite of the period. The scenes are a joy to paint as they have such lovely painterly motifs and harmonious colours. I know David was very fond of these designs too.

It was an interesting challenge to put fragments of an original verdure into repeat. We then painted it on unbleached linen canvas with watery paints so that the weave would show through as in the "stayned" originals. 

Painting the original artwork for Verdure
With Zoffany we tried various colourways including a very odd purple one but it really worked best in its original emerald and earthy greens ("tapestry green") and in a faded, somewhat scandinavian "lead blue".

Verdure strikeoffs at Zoffany headquarters with other Arden designs

For a 350 year old design it is remarkably on trend today with its folksy, fairytale narrative.

A bucolic snapshot of Old England

Definitely one of my favourites....remember to vote if you like it too :)



As a representaive of your brand here in Brasil, I thank you for your work! Great work!

Rebecca said...

Such beautiful colours, the design is great, elegant yet with a warmth to it

Nanny Oh said...

beautiful work!I love how the walls and the furniture work together,too

An Historical Lady said...

Gorgeous! We have a 17thc. bed, and I have saved up and have ordered 4 yards of the Zoffany ARDEN/red fabric. I love it and it's enough for the 2 side bed curtains. Can't wait to get them made!