Monday, 11 October 2010

Satyrs, Putti and Masks (oh my)

This recent commission for a painted wall hanging is a nice opportunity for me to show you one of my favourite examples of grotesquework. I love it for its dynamic, bold and playful subject matter.

This large scale design is one of the five we selected for The Anticke Collection
The Golden Cross wall hanging

It depicts a scrolling fantasy of arabesques, masks, satyrs, naked putti and pilasters.

This is an English variation on the Italian Renaissance decorative style which in turn is derived from Ancient Rome (the word grotesque coming from the Latin root "grotto" meaning a small cave or hollow where these types of design were discovered.)
Details of our painted cloth

Painting the cloth at the workshop. Close reference is made to photos of the original wall painting to capture the spirit of the artist who painted it nearly 500 years ago.

The original black and white wall painting of c1550 still survives in good condition in a 15th century inn. This is largely because it was preserved behind panelling until its discovery in the 1940's. The design was painted with lamp black and size on lime washed lime plaster.

Details of the original wall painting
Commissioning Fairlyte

As one of The Anticke Collection designs we can paint the Golden Cross Grotesque onto linen to be hung as a wall cloth, or by the metre for curtains and soft furnishings. Sections may also be painted as fresco secco panels. Please contact Fairlyte for details and pricing.

Painted cloths installed wall to wall in Shakespeare's Birthplace Museum.
Shakespeare's Birthplace Museum

Reopening in 2000 following an ambitious redisplay project this landmark museum commissioned us to paint the Golden Cross Grotesque onto stiffened linen to line the walls of the upstairs parlour. We also provided cloths for 3 other rooms.


Ariane Reichardt said...

Hello Melissa White,
you have done a really fantastic job!

Ariane/Hamburg, Germany

created to design said...

Hi Melisa, I am new to this blogging..I am a final year textile and Surface Design student, researching the market to place my work/practice. I was give your contact by Zophany as I was intrested to see if surface designs/pattern can be produced as one off/ one of a kind. I am about to begin final designs and needed to think of size and how best to procced...I think what you do is fantastic!

Melissa White Interiors said...

Hi there. Thanks for tracking me down. I hope your course is going well. As you can see I'm quite new to this blogging too (only just got round to checking my comments - sorry!). Hope your course is going well. One off designs certainly take longer and each needs to be considered individually but it keeps the creativity alive and it's an asset to offer bespoke work in an age of mass production ;) Mel