Friday, 23 July 2010




I'm Melissa White and I established Fairlyte Hand Painted Interiors about eight years ago having been a decorative artist since 1995. I work from my large workshop in Hastings, East Sussex where I hand paint all things decorative for interiors.

I've decided to get this Blog going to replace the newsletters I've been sending out for a few years now. Rather than waiting to build up bits and bobs worthy of a newsletter I think I'd prefer to give shorter snapshots of what I'm up to in Blog form.

I hope that my precious mailing list subscribers will be happy to follow me here instead. If you are new to Fairlyte, may I suggest a quick nosey around my two websites (listed to the right).

I'm excited about how this Blog could develop. To get the ball rolling here are some random shots of my workshop as it stands this week:

Some fresco secco panels of repeat patterns I've been working on.

Piles of vintage linen, a painted swatch of an Elizabethan design & a painted linen cushion

Some off-cuts of Elizabethan painted cloths

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